//Gaimin Gladiators Wins DreamLeague S20, Secures Fourth Consecutive Tier 1 Victory
Gaimin Gladiators Wins DreamLeague S20, Secures Fourth Consecutive Tier 1 Victory

Gaimin Gladiators Wins DreamLeague S20, Secures Fourth Consecutive Tier 1 Victory

Gaimin Gladiators clinched the ultimate title of DreamLeague S20. Despite facing tough challenges and a formidable opponent in the grand finals, Gaimin Gladiators emerged triumphant, defying all odds and captivating fans worldwide. This victory marks its fourth consecutive tier 1 title in the Dota 2 competitive scene. This incredible feat has solidified its position as the undisputed powerhouse of the 2023 Dota 2 season

Gaimin Gladiators’ Journey in DreamLeague S20

The path to victory at DreamLeague S20 was not easy for Gaimin Gladiators. In Group Stage 1, Gaimin Gladiators won two matches, lost one match, and tied in four matches, advancing in Group Stage 2 with third position in Group B. In Group Stage 2, the team put forth an incredible performance, winning five matches and losing two, which granted it a slot in Lower Bracket Semifinal.

Playoffs saw an incredible performance by Giamin Gladiators. The team did not lose a single match, defeating Talon Esports and PSG.LGD in Lower Bracket Semifinal and Lower Bracket Final, respectively. Finally, the team faced its toughest rival, BetBoom Team, in the grand finals. Notably, BetBoom had previously defeated Gaimin Gladiators three times consecutively. However, Gaimin Gladiators rallied, showcased its resilience, and secured a thrilling 3-2 victory in what has been hailed as one of the most fiercely contested grand finals of the year.

DreamLeague S20 Grand Finals: Gaimin Gladiators vs BetBoom Highlights

Each game of the grand finals had its own gripping narrative. In the first game, Gaimin Gladiators recovered from a disadvantageous position, turning the tide in its favor with a crucial teamfight near the Roshan pit. It ultimately emerged victorious after a grueling 44-minute battle. 

BetBoom Team demonstrated its strength in the second game, dominating the laning stage and securing a convincing win in just 37 minutes.

Game three witnessed BetBoom Team’s dominance as it outplayed Gaimin Gladiators with strategic hero picks and relentless aggression. Gaimin’s attempts with a mid Dragon Knight and carry Shadow Fiend core combination fell short, resulting in a swift victory for BetBoom in only 28 minutes. 

Undeterred, Gaimin Gladiators regrouped in game four, capitalizing on early movements and effective itemization to secure a hard-fought victory in 37 minutes.

The decisive game five showcased Gaimin Gladiators’ impeccable drafting skills, despite the absence of stuns in its lineup. Although BetBoom Team demonstrated resilience, Gaimin Gladiators maintained its composure, securing a crucial teamfight win and ultimately triumphing after 34 minutes of intense gameplay.

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What sets Gaimin Gladiators apart is its consistent excellence throughout the last six months. Despite not having superstar players or massive fanbase, its stellar performance in various tournaments has garnered recognition. With spots in TI12 and Riyadh Masters 2023 secured, it aims to maintain its streak as it head to Bali Major 2023.