Valorant Console Version Release Might be Closer Than Ever

Valorant Console Version Release Might be Closer Than Ever

The developer behind Valorant, Riot Games, has set the gaming community abuzz with the possibility of a console version for the game. With an increasing demand from console players, Riot Games recently posted a job listing for an Associate Console Playtest Analyst, indicating significant progress in the porting of Valorant to major console devices. This move has sparked excitement among players who have longed to experience the game on consoles. 

The Anticipation Builds as Valorant Console Version Nears: Riot Games Hiring Associate Console Playtest Analyst

In response to the clamor from console players, Riot Games is actively recruiting talent to facilitate the transition of Valorant from PC to consoles. As part of this endeavor, the developer has recently advertised a job opening for an Associate Console Playtest Analyst. This crucial role entails validating and testing upcoming gameplay experiences for Valorant’s console version. The successful candidate will collaborate closely with developers, participating in playtests and providing invaluable feedback to enhance the gaming experience.

Valorant Associate Console Playtest Analyst: Job Requirements, Eligibility, and More

The job description emphasizes Riot Games’ commitment to maintaining quality standards throughout the development process. The company believes that “quality” is not just a goal but a philosophy that permeates every aspect of their work. Furthermore, the Associate Console Playtest Analyst will play a vital role in shaping the gameplay experience, working in coordination with developers to plan and evaluate playtests.

To be eligible for this position, applicants must have a professional background in console first-person shooters, along with a current ranking of Immortal or higher in Valorant on PC. Above all, Riot Games seeks individuals who possess a comprehensive understanding of the micro and macro decisions necessary to optimize gameplay. The role is primarily based in Los Angeles, with an additional location at Bellevue.

The selected analyst will be entrusted with managing risk assessments for unreleased content based on playtest data. Moreover, they will support the definition of objectives and draw meaningful conclusions from playtests, contributing to the refinement of Valorant’s console version. Additionally, the analyst will play a crucial role in developing test plans for future assessments and identifying any defects uncovered during playtests.

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This latest job listing for the Associate Console Playtest Analyst is not the first indication of Riot Games’ dedication to bringing Valorant to consoles. Towards the end of the previous year, the company hired senior game designers and a game design manager, specifically for the console version of Valorant.