//GodLike Esports Emerges Victorious in iQOO Pro Series 2023
GodLike Esports Emerges Victorious in iQOO Pro Series 2023

GodLike Esports Emerges Victorious in iQOO Pro Series 2023

GodLike Esports has emerged as the undeniable champions of the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) tournament – iQOO Pro Series 2023. Led by Arjun “SHADOW” Mandhalkar, the team showcased remarkable skill and made an impressive comeback to reclaim their dominance. With a total of 136 points and 92 finishes in the Grand Finals, GodLike Esports secured their first victory since the re-release of BGMI, earning them not only the prestigious title but also a grand prize of ₹4,00,000.

Impressive Comeback by GodLike Esports in BGMI, Winning the iQOO Pro Series 2023

GodLike Esports started the final round with a modest performance, finding themselves in eighth place after Day 1. However, they quickly regained their footing and demonstrated a remarkable upgrade in their performance over the next 12 matches. Through strategic gameplay and impeccable teamwork, they emerged as the undeniable champions of the iQOO Pro Series 2023.

Jonathan Shines as the Most Valuable Player

Among the outstanding players of the tournament, Jonathan of GodLike Esports stood out with his exceptional skills. With an impressive 34 kills in the Finals, he showcased his prowess and rightfully earned the title of Most Valuable Player (MVP). Jonathan’s remarkable contribution to the team’s success was instrumental in their triumphant journey.

OR Esports, Gods Reign, and Gujarat Tigers Exhibit Stellar Performances

While OR Esports initially held the top spot after Day 2, their performance faltered on the final day, causing them to slip to the second position. Nonetheless, they displayed consistent performance throughout the tournament, securing 127 points, two Chicken Dinners, and 74 eliminations, which earned them a well-deserved prize of ₹2,50,000.

Gods Reign, a squad that showcased impressive skills in the initial phase of the tournament, claimed the third spot with 123 points and 72 kills. Their early dominance and strategic gameplay set them apart as formidable competitors. NinjaJod’s exceptional performances were commendable and significantly contributed to their success.

Gujarat Tigers, a newly established team, showcased their potential by securing the fourth position in the iQOO Pro Series. Despite not securing a single Chicken Dinner, they displayed resilience and earned 100,000 INR in prize money. This promising debut positions them as a team to watch in future tournaments.

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The iQOO BGMI Pro Series 2023 was a display of skill, strategy, and resilience. GodLike Esports’ remarkable comeback and dominance secured them the championship title, while Jonathan’s outstanding performance earned him the MVP award.