//Philips India Enters Indian Esports with ‘OneBlade’ BGMI Team
Philips India Enters Indian Esports with 'OneBlade' BGMI Team

Philips India Enters Indian Esports with ‘OneBlade’ BGMI Team

Philips India has taken a bold step by creating its own Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) team named ‘OneBlade’ to enter the Indian esports landscape. This strategic entry marks a departure from the conventional sponsorship model, allowing Philips India to establish a deeper connection with the gaming community. By leveraging the power of its OneBlade brand, Philips aims to redefine the dynamics of esports partnerships and elevate the visibility of its products in this rapidly evolving industry.

Philips India OneBlade BGMI Team

The ‘OneBlade’ BGMI team, represented by the accomplished R Esports lineup, is set to make a fearless statement in the competitive gaming arena. Embodying the synergy between Philips OneBlade’s commitment to providing a flawless grooming experience and the team’s bold playstyle, ‘OneBlade’ aims to leave an indelible mark in BGMI tournaments. Competing under the banner of Philips OneBlade brand, the team’s journey from 1st July to 1st October.

The roster includes the following players: 

  • Abhinav Kumar
  • Harshit Kashyap
  • Dev Sapra
  • Badal Kumar Behara
  • Almaz Rahman
  • Akhand Pratap Singh

Philips India’s strategic foray into esports represents a shift in the industry’s partnership landscape. Instead of simply sponsoring an existing team, Philips India’s creation of its own BGMI team offers a fresh and authentic approach to engaging with the esports community. By putting the ‘OneBlade’ brand at the forefront, Philips India ensures maximum visibility and distinguishes itself as a non-endemic brand committed to embracing the esports culture.

This innovative strategy also raises the bar for existing esports organizations, compelling them to redefine their monetization strategies and provide enhanced value to partner brands. As a result, the esports ecosystem is poised to witness increased creativity and competition among teams, ultimately benefiting both brands and esports organizations.

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Moreover, Philips India’s hands-on marketing approach sets it apart from traditional sponsorships. By nurturing the ‘OneBlade’ team and fostering a community aligned with its brand values, Philips OneBlade can forge stronger connections and resonate with the gaming enthusiasts. This immersive strategy not only solidifies the brand’s presence in the esports landscape but also positions Philips India as a pioneer willing to explore new avenues within the dynamic gaming industry.