//BGMS Season 2 Faces Stream Delay Issue, Krafton Warns Players
BGMS Season 2 Faces Stream Delay Issue, Krafton Warns Players

BGMS Season 2 Faces Stream Delay Issue, Krafton Warns Players

Krafton, the publisher of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), has issued a stern warning to BGMI Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 teams for exploiting in-game chat communication during the ongoing tournament matches. The tournament, which has garnered attention for its intense matches and skilled gameplay, recently faced a challenge that threatened the fairness of the competition.

BGMS Season 2: Stream Delay Issue

In a recent vlog by Team SouL’s coach Amit Dubey, Team SouL’s Manager Siddhant “Sid” Joshi shed light on a critical matter that has been causing concerns within the competitive gaming community. Sid revealed that the Launch Week of the tournament and the first two days of League Week 2 featured menial stream delay.

The adverse consequence of this minimal delay was that viewers had almost real-time access to gameplay, presenting a potential opportunity for relaying opponents information to players. While Sid clarified that he was not pointing fingers and was not sure if anyone used it, the inherent possibility due to the absence of a proper delay mechanism within the streaming setup raised eyebrows.

The core of the problem lay in the messages spectators could potentially transmit to the players without detection by tournament administrators, putting the competitive fairness of the tournament at risk. Sid notified the match admins about this issue on the League Week 1 Day 2. However, it made no difference as the admins did not take immediate action to rectify the situation. 

To underscore the severity of the situation, Sid asked one of Team SouL’s players Sohail “Hector” Shaikh, who was sitting in the spectator area, to message the location of opponents to a few players. The tournament administrators were not able to notice any of these messages, casting a spotlight on the potential vulnerability that this stream delay issue presented. Following this, the management reportedly acknowledged the pressing matter and conceded to introduce a delay mechanism in the streaming process. 

Krafton Issues Warning to Teams Using In-Game Chat to Communicate

In addition to introducing stream delay, the revelation prompted Krafton to issue a warning to all participating teams. The warning stated that any use of the In-Game chat for communication would result in immediate disqualification from the tournament, without the opportunity for a hearing.

Warning: “We have come across a problem that some of the players are communicating through the In-Game chat, if found doing so the team will be straight away disqualified from the Tournament without any hearing. If two teams are found to be indulged both the teams will be removed. (The one helping and the one who is playing). All the players are required to record their POVs, the management can ask for the POV, if not provided strict action will be taken.”

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As a further precaution, Krafton mandated that players record their point of view (POV) during matches. This move enhances transparency and allows tournament management to request and review these recordings as evidence in cases of suspected violations. The requirement adds an additional layer of accountability, leaving no room for ambiguity when it comes to maintaining the competitive spirit of the tournament.