//Kronten Confirms Rumors About New Esports Organization Carnival Esports
Kronten Confirms Rumors About New Esports Organization Carnival Esports

Kronten Confirms Rumors About New Esports Organization Carnival Esports

Chetan “Kronten” Changude, founder and CEO of Godlike Esports, recently confirmed the rumor suggesting the formation of a new esports organization – Carnival Esports. The speculation gained momentum as rumors swirled about Team SouL’s departed roster finding a new home under the Carnival banner. However, there has been no official confirmation about this by the involved parties.

Kronten Teases New Esports Organization Carnival Esports

In a recent livestream, Kronten addressed the rumors surrounding Carnival. He assured viewers that detailed updates on this new organization were imminent. He said, “About Carnival Esports, I will be providing more updates. Just wait and watch guys, let the announcement come.” The cryptic yet promising statement has left fans eagerly anticipating the official announcement of the organization.

Kronten went on to assert Godlike Esports’ connection to Carnival, drawing parallels between the two organizations. “Carnival Esports is ours. By ours, I mean, like Godlike Esports is overseen by me, Omkar, and Amar,” he stated.  Kronten didn’t stop there; he laid out ambitious plans for the future. “Our plan is to acquire more teams in the upcoming days. So maybe you might get to see more esports organizations start,” Kronten revealed.

Explaining why he created new organizations instead of signing the roster under GodLike Esports, Kronten acknowledged the regulations governing team ownership. “If we get a good team, we can’t sign it under the same organization. We know the rules that one organization cannot have multiple teams under it or a same owner can’t run two organizations,” he explained. 

Closing on a note of emotional resonance, Kronten emphasized the unity of emotions and feelings between Godlike Esports, Numen, and Carnival. “With respect to emotions and feelings, we are the same,” he declared.

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Kronten’s teasers have undeniably set the stage for Carnival Esports. If the rumor about Team SouL’s former roster playing under this organization is true, the organization might become prominent.