//SuperGaming Launches Indus Battle Royale Beta on Android
SuperGaming Launches Indus Battle Royale Beta on Android

SuperGaming Launches Indus Battle Royale Beta on Android

SuperGaming has launched the beta version of the much-anticipated Indus Battle Royale beta for Android users. The gaming enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting this moment, and the wait is finally over. Dive headfirst into the immersive world of Virlok, a masterpiece shaped by the collaborative efforts of the Indus community playtest and the Indus Esports Invitational.

Indus Battle Royale Beta is Available to Download on Google Play Store

Celebrating the overwhelming success of crossing 8.5 million pre-registrations, SuperGaming takes a bold step forward. The CEO and co-founder, Roby John, expressed gratitude towards playtest players, esports professionals, and content creators, acknowledging their pivotal role in propelling India into the global gaming spotlight. Additionally, with Indus, the stage is set for India’s gaming revolution to captivate the world.

Android users now have the golden ticket to embark on an epic gaming journey by securing the Indus Beta Key and joining the waitlist at Indus Beta. Whether you wield a high-end device or a budget-friendly one with 4 GB RAM, SuperGaming ensures an optimized experience for all players. Sujeet Kumar, Technical Director at SuperGaming, emphasizes their commitment to treating mobile players as first-class citizens, a testament to the recognition of the mobile segment’s dominance in the Indian gaming market.

The heart of the Indus universe lies in Cosmium, a game-changing element that can redefine victory dynamics. SuperGaming introduces the “Cosmium Changes Everything” trailer, offering a glimpse into the excitement and strategy behind capturing this in-game item. Roby John reflects on the inspiration drawn from player interactions during playtests and the Indus Esports Invitational, promising a thrilling gameplay experience.

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The Indus Battle Royale beta boasts compatibility with low-end Android devices, running at 40fps with 4 GB of RAM, while high-end devices can seamlessly reach 60fps. SuperGaming’s proprietary Indus Engine, working in tandem with Unity, ensures a fluid gaming experience for players across the spectrum. The emphasis on inclusivity and optimization reaffirms SuperGaming’s dedication to revolutionizing the gaming landscape, making Indus a beacon of India’s prowess in the gaming industry.