//Top 5 Most Watched Esports Tournaments in India
Top 5 Most Watched Esports Tournaments in India

Top 5 Most Watched Esports Tournaments in India

The field of eSports in India has undergone a remarkable evolution, from its humble beginnings in the early 2000s to a sensation among the youth of the country in recent years. In December 2022, the Indian government officially recognised Esports as a multi-sport event, and Esports has firmly established itself as a lucrative sector, leading to the growth of the Indian gaming industry.

The passion of the Indian eSports landscape is based on tournaments, which serve as platforms for gamers to showcase their skills and gain national acclaim. For those who want to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in Indian eSports, here’s a glimpse of the top 5 most watched esports tournaments in India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023

In July 2022, BGIS returned triumphantly to the Indian mobile gaming scene after a temporary interruption. In commemoration of his return, Krafton, the developer of the game, organized the first LAN tournament with a huge prize pool of 2 Crore INR. The event, spanning from August to October last year, witnessed Gladiator Esports clinching the top spot, walking away with a prize worth 75 Lakh INR. BGIS boasted an impressive peak view count, drawing in fans from across the nation.

Valorant Convergence

The Riot Games tactical shooter, Valorant, has received widespread praise in India due to the quality of the participating teams. This official tournament, hosted by the Esports Club and the Riot Games, featured two prominent Indian teams with horns and four other distinguished teams from all over the world competing for a significant prize pool. Valorant Convergence reached an impressive number of viewers and caught the attention of eSports enthusiasts worldwide.

Dew Arena

Sponsored by Mountain Dew, Dew Arena serves as a starting point for Indian gamers who want to make their mark in professional eSports arenas. It is one of the most prominent eSports events in India and attracts thousands of viewers enthralled by games such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO).

Valorant India Invitational

Organized by Galaxy Racer India, the Valorant India Invitational brought together a number of well-known teams from all over the world to compete against India’s top Valorant players. With a huge prize pool, the event received considerable attention and boasted a remarkable number of peak views.

SkyeSports Grand Slam

The final tournament on our ‘the top 5 most watched esports tournaments in India’ list is Skyesports’s Grand Slam, a prestigious event involving Esports teams from all over the country, captivated the audience with adrenaline-fueled battles and electrifying gameplay. The recent edition has shown the skill of Indian teams alongside international competitors, drawing viewers into the heart of Esports action.

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As the saga of Indian eSports unfolds, enthusiasts can expect a continued spectacle of thrilling competitions and remarkable talent, which further strengthens the position of India on the world stage of eSports.